About Us

We're a bit complex, like most humans. So we're just gonna share a little about us here

Mixed Media Collective was created in mid 2013 by designers Patricia Baro and Santiago Cantillo from a mutual love for the arts and visual communication.

Since then, we have been behind some of the designs for our cities most recent and popular events, venues, restaurants and small businesses. Our success and growth can be attributed to our amazing clients and partners. We would not be where we are today if they did not allow us the freedom to be creative with their vision.

Some of our likes are art, food, nature, hiking, photography, tech stuff, movies, animals (one of us likes cats and the other doesn't), food (yes, we typed food again cause we like it so much), coffee (a must to start and keep any day going strong) and most things vintage. If you love these things too, give us a holler. And if you don't love these things and you love other things, call us anyway. We love experiencing new things.

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