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First impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone and 55% of a persons first impression is based on what they see. Visual communications is our specialty. We are a multi-media, design, print & marketing company. Let's work together to make your first impression memorable.

About Us

Let’s face it, graphic designers and printing company’s are a dime a dozen. Finding one these days couldn’t be easier, but finding a good one may be more difficult than we realize.

All too often designers create directly for the client, and while this seems like the most logical course of action, it actually is not. We believe that our client is not you, but your clients. Yes, you may be putting up the cash for our products and services but at the end of the day the ones that need to be impressed by what we create for you, is your audience. This is why, instead of you being our client, we’d like to think of ourselves as your partners, working intelligently towards creating the most impactful image for you and your brand



With over 15 years experience in the business, we are a full-service entity & end-to-end solution providing design, website development, custom printing, photography and full scope of services to our clients/partners.


We immerse ourselves into developing and getting to know your brand.


Our clients are our partners, we want to grow with you and work with you to allow your brand to grow and develop. We connect our clients within our network and form long-lasting bonds. Our wide-range of clients allows for extentive exposure opportunities. By working with us, we will work with you.


We specialize in making you stand out. Printers are a dime a dozen, sure we can print your standard flyers or business cards, but we offer unique custom options you may not find anywhere else.

Our Services

MMC is a full-service agency providing marketing, print design, custom printing, website design, video production, photography and event consulting. We offer innovative solutions and a fresh approach to developing highly focused concepts for a wide variety of businesses targeting creative’s, trendsetters and the general mass-market.


Visual Communications

We are visual communicators specializing in branding/logo development, graphic design, interactive media, package design and more. If you can dream it, we can deisgn it.


We not only offer competitive pricing for everything from business cards, brochures, signage, flyers and more, but custom, unqiue items that run the gamut from custom packaging to designed pieces printed on a variety of materials from wood to plexi to kraft, metal and letterpressed.

Website Development

We are a full service interactive design collective. Website design, interactive media and multi-platform interactive applications with attention grabbing graphics makes us different. We don't just develop your website, we stay in-line with industry advancments to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Do You Have a Question ?

Most of our business has come to us by referral, because of this; our partners’ complete satisfaction is key. We pride our- selves in providing products and services that fit and exceed our partners’ needs and expectations. We don’t stop at just helping you with your visual presentation, we can play a pivotal role in other aspects of our partners’ business. Contact us to find out more. We hope to hear from you!